About Hazard Creative

Hazard Creative is an Information Design firm located near Burlington, Vermont. The firm works with a wide variety of organizations and industries, filling specialized needs. Our projects typically address a specific communication goal and supplement a company’s existing design and communications. Hazard is well equipped to meet the challenges that organizations face in this area and we enjoy the opportunity to continuously expand our knowledge as we research and implement the best possible solutions.

Hazard owner Michael Niggel holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, which has been recognized as one of the top programs for graphic design in the United States. He has engaged in advanced coursework and independent study in Information Design. From these and subsequent personal and professional projects, Hazard has experience with a wide variety of Information Design types including charts, data tables, diagrams, flowcharts, forms, graphs, instructions, maps, signage, symbol systems, and wayfinding.

Hazard prides itself in its ability to learn quickly and adapt to new technologies. We have a passion for learning new tools, new processes, and for understanding how people interpret information. Unlike traditional firms, we are constantly aware of new developments in visual psychology, visual cognition, communication, and comprehension.

Many graphic design firms claim Information Design as part of their skill set, but often the message is obscured by overzealous visual effect. Hazard Creative is one of few firms worldwide that specializes in Information Design. At Hazard, presenting your information is our highest priority.

To learn more about how Hazard can help your organization compete and thrive, contact us.

What is Information Design?

For a more thorough description of Information Design and its benefits, read our white paper: Visual Explanation with Information Design