About Hazard Creative / Photography

Hazard Creative is primarily an Information Design firm located near Burlington, Vermont. Hazard has earned a reputation for creating compelling imagery while developing strong, high quality solutions to visual communication problems. Because of this, there has been a demand for Hazard to expand its service offerings to photography. This service is now available.

Hazard owner and principal photographer Michael Niggel holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, which has been recognized as having one of the top programs for both graphic design and photography in the United States. This provided both the artistic training needed to think visually and the technical training required to create high quality captures.

Hazard’s focus on information design allows it a fresh perspective when approaching photography. Unlike many photographers, we are constantly aware of new developments in visual psychology, visual cognition, communication, and comprehension. This translates to a deeper understanding of what makes a compelling image, and an approach that utilizes this knowledge with every shot.

To learn more about Hazard’s photographic services, please contact us.